【新品上市 – 法國的隱世瑰寶 : Plaimont 獨特佳釀 】New Arrival – The Hidden Treasure of France – Plaimont Quality Wines | Vinoza

【新品上市 – 法國的隱世瑰寶 : Plaimont 獨特佳釀 】New Arrival – The Hidden Treasure of France – Plaimont Quality Wines

【新品上市 – 法國的隱世瑰寶 : Plaimont 獨特佳釀 】New Arrival – The Hidden Treasure of France – Plaimont Quality Wines

【新品上市 – 法國的隱世瑰寶 : Plaimont 獨特佳釀 】
Plaimont 普萊蒙葡萄酒集團公司來自法國的西南產區 Sud-Ouest,位於波爾多以南,該產區由多個獨立的小型產區集結而成,雖然釀酒歷史與工藝技術與波爾多相近,長久以來卻因波爾多的盛名而被忽視,但由於該產區原生葡萄品種眾多,產區微型氣候、風土條件的差異,造就了此產區酒款的獨特口感與多樣性,讓此沉寂已久的隱世瑰寶近來在國際市場上逐漸嶄露頭角!
而Plaimont集團正是將這些珍寶發揚光大的功臣之一,自1979年正式成立以來,延攬了庇里牛斯山、Gascogne區為主的千家葡萄農,如今葡萄園遍及聖蒙法定產區(Saint Mont AOC)及加斯科涅區(Cotes de Gascogne)等,採用引以為傲的原生品種如塔那(Tannat)、皮南(Pinenc)等釀製成一瓶瓶獨具特色的優質酒款熱銷全球!

酒款介紹 (由左而右) :
Le Faite Red 2012 菲特紅酒,定價 $1,699 (藍寶石,Sapphire)

Le Faite Blanc 2013 菲特白酒,定價 $1,499 (藍寶石,Sapphire)

Beret Noir 2012 黑貝蕾帽紅酒,定價 $699 (黃寶石,Topaz)

Le Hat Trick 2014 帽子戲法白酒,定價 $699 (綠翡翠,Jade)

Domaine de Cassaigne 2014 卡賽尼莊園紅酒,定價 $849 (紅寶石,Ruby)

Colombelle L’original 2015 科隆貝萊原創白酒,定價 $599 (黃寶石,Topaz)

Soleil Gascon 2014 加斯科的太陽甜白酒 ,定價 $599 (黃寶石,Topaz)

【New Arrival – The Hidden Treasure of France – Plaimont Quality Wines 】
Plaimont Producteurs is from Sud-Ouest wine region in France. It is located in the south of Bordeaux and united by several small, independent regions. Even though its winemaking history and techniques are very similar to Bordeaux’s, it was neglected for a long time because of Bordeaux’s great fame. However, thanks to the various authentic grape varieties and microclimate, different terroir in this wine region, the wines in Sud-Ouest get their very own characteristics and varieties. These hidden treasures are therefore getting more and more attention globally!

And, Plaimont is one of the contributors. Since established in 1979, Plaimont collaborates with over thousand local winegrowers based in the areas of Pyrenees and Gascogne. Nowadays, its vineyards cover the appellations of AOC Saint Mont, IGP Cotes de Gascogne, and so forth. They mostly use the unique authentic grape varieties such as Tannat and Pinenc to make their quality wines and export globally.

You definitely can’t miss them If you as a wine lover would like to try the some different, unique taste of French wine! We welcome you to experience these hidden treasures from South-west France together!

Wine introduction (From left to right):
Le Faite Red 2012, $1,699, Sapphire
A dark purple red color. The tannins, instantly present on the palate, are big and elegant. They bring a freshness to the wine which reinforces its aromatic complexity of spice, blackberry, and blackcurrant.

Le Faite Blanc 2013, $1,499, Sapphire
Initially a pale color tinged with green but with age moving towards a more golden, slightly silvery hue. An explosion of citrus fruit and litchi on the nose which slowly softens into an elegant minerality. First impressions in the mouth are a power with a rich, crisp attack and last of an extremely firm finish.

Beret Noir 2012, $699, Topaz
Authentic, generous and well-balanced with aromas of black fruits and mildly spicy notes. A Beautifully fresh finish.

Le Hat Trick 2014, $699, Jade
Lively and extremely fresh. This is a rich, well-balanced wine with seductive aromas of grapefruit, peach, pear, and apricot. A crisp finish.

Domaine de Cassaigne 2014, $849, Ruby
Beautiful intense crimson red robe, a complex nose with aromas of black fruit, cinnamon and vanilla. The mouth is persistent on spicy notes and silky tannins. Perfect with roast beef or grilled lamb chops.

Colombelle L’original 2015, $599, Topaz
Pale yellow color with beautifully illuminated green tints. It has intensely fruity bouquet, fresh and delicious, dominated by yellow fruit with notes of citrus, white peach, pineapple and fresh almonds, with a hint of jasmine. On the palate, it is exuberant and complex, round and fruity with a floral touch and a crisp citrus finish.

Soleil Gascon 2014, $599, Topaz
This is an elegant wine that features a perfect balance between freshness and sweetness. The mouth is round and lightly acidulous, structured on white fruit mingled with hints of citrus and exotic fruit and with a smooth and crisp finish.

* Don’t Drink and Drive 禁止酒駕
* No Drinking Under 18 未滿十八歲禁止飲酒

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