2016 VINOZA 台北葡萄酒展 Wine & Gourmet Taipei is coming this weekend! | Vinoza

2016 VINOZA 台北葡萄酒展 Wine & Gourmet Taipei is coming this weekend!

2016 VINOZA 台北葡萄酒展 Wine & Gourmet Taipei is coming this weekend!


時間:5/6~5/8 11:00am – 7:00pm
聯絡電話:信義店 (02)7709-7730 / 松江店 (02)7709-7123
P.S. VINOZA會員請務必記得攜帶會員卡,以再享會員折扣喔!


Wine & Gourmet Taipei is coming this weekend!
Come to visit VINOZA at the largest scale wine expo, Wine & Gourmet Taipei, during this weekend! You can talk directly to several of our winemakers about the wines. Also, you can taste some of our new wines which will be available at our store soon! Most importantly, we offer a big sales promotion, “for any wines purchased at the event, 10% off for less than 6 bottles, 30% off for 6 or more bottles with free shipping in Taiwan area (limited to one address only)!!” And on top of this promotion, VINOZA Club members can still have member discount when showing your member card! This incredible sales promotion is only valid at Wine Gourmet Taipei event on May 6th~8th. Let’s have a great time at Wine Gourmet Taipei together!

Time:5/6~5/8 11:00am – 7:00pm
Venue:Taipei World Trade Center Hall 3
Contact us if any questions.
Phone:Xinyi Store: (02)7709-7730 / Songjiang Store: (02)7709-7123
Reminder: VINOZA Club members please remember to bring your member card so that you can still have the member discount!

Please note that Wine Gourmet Taipei on May 6th is open for professional wine buyers, and May 7th & 8th are open to public. For more information, go to: http://www.winegourmettaipei.com/ VINOZA reserves the right to alter or terminate this promotion.

* Don’t Drink and Drive 請勿酒駕
* No Drinking Under 18 未成年請勿飲酒

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