About us


The mission of VINOZA is to provide a premium experience to you where you can
enjoy and explore your own taste in an uncomplicated way.



In Latin, VINOZA means the “tasting of wine”.

VINOZA provide affordable quality wines, set in a beautiful and bright shop.  We invite you to explore, taste and enjoy wine in an uncomplicated way.

VINOZA is a one-stop shop for quality European wines and accessories with a European townhouse design.  The chic turquoise stores are conveniently located in the city.


About VINOZA’s wines

Our selection of quality wines is imported directly from wineries in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.

After a rigorous selection process and tasting, we offer you an extensive assortment of fine and pure wines.


What’s your favorite taste?

Have you ever wondered which wines suit your palate?

Over 80% of consumers, who have participated in blind tastings, discovered that what they really like is quite different from what they presumed.

Come to VINOZA and our friendly staff will guide you to classify your taste according to our 4 Gemstones™ concept. You are also welcome to do the Tasting Test on our website.


Need a gift?

Choosing a gift isn’t always easy. 

Now there is no need to worry, as our knowledgeable staff will assist you in the selection of just the right thing for everyone on your list; from family members to friends, co-workers and bosses, we got you covered. 

Our eco-friendly gift bags are especially designed and produced for our wine bottles and accessories. Select one of our special gift cards and our staff will turn your selection into a unique and memorable gift.  

If you want to give a gift of wine but have no idea which wine to choose, VINOZA offers beautiful Gift Cards, which allow the recipients to select their favorite wines at our store.




Maarten de Haas

Founder & CEO