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VINOZA Special Offer 本週特惠

VINOZA Special Offer 本週特惠

今晚,就用帶著熱帶水果香甜氣息的西班牙白酒Marques de Altillo來當做餐前開胃酒,搭配海鮮與燒烤料理,恰到好處的酸度讓人口舌生津。
來自義大利的經典酒廠Melini,被Decanter雜誌95分高分讚譽的陳年CHIANTI DOCG帶著香草與烘烤杏仁的香氣,溫暖了一室的聚餐氣氛 。

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Marques de Altillo white wine is your perfect aperitif. It pairs perfectly with seafood and grilled fish our chicken cuisine.
The Melini Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG has received 95 points high praise by Decanter wine magazine and was selected among the Top 50 wines for 2014. With hints of vanilla and the toasted almonds, it’ll be a great choice for your New Year gathering and gifts.

*Do Not Drink and Drive 喝酒不開車

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