VINOZA x MUZIK 聖誕音樂品酒會 VINOZA x MUZIK X'mas party! | Vinoza

VINOZA x MUZIK 聖誕音樂品酒會 VINOZA x MUZIK X’mas party!

VINOZA x MUZIK 聖誕音樂品酒會 VINOZA x MUZIK X’mas party!




Music event at VINOZA!

We’ve received lots of great feedback from the participants for the first MUNIK Magazine event. Therefore VINOZA and MUZIK Magazine decided to cooperate again for an amazing X’mas party which combines wine and music! At the event, you can taste and enjoy our quality wines while a band plays live music. We will introduce the wines and share with you the stories about X’mas music. And there will be a lucky draw with several awesome X’mas gifts, such as free bottle of wine, free subscription of MUZIK Magazine. Let’s experience the fascinating experience of music & wine, and have a glamorous start of the X’mas season together on Friday December 11th!

Also, VINOZA provides “10% off for single bottle and an additional 10% off for 6 bottles” exclusive discount to the event guests for purchases on that day!

Tickets can be purchased at ACCUPASS Website for $650. It includes 2 glasses of wine, a selection of tapas, and live music. VINOZA Club members have an exclusive offer for the ticket. Only $500! Limited seats, first come, first serve. If you missed the event last time, don’t miss this one again!

More information and registration at ACCUPASS Website:

* Don’t Drink and Drive 禁止酒駕
* No Drinking Under 18 未成年請勿飲酒

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